How Our Cooking Classes Work

What You'll Get

The kitchen is statistically the most dangerous room in a home because it contains the highest concentration of knives, open flames, and pots full of semiliving lobsters. 

The Cooking Joynt uses a simple, hands-on approach to meal preparation, teaching gourmet greenhorns the fine art of cooking in a fun, trepidation-free atmosphere. Each class starts with an overview of the evening and an introduction to general cooking procedures and common kitchen tools at the hands of The Cooking Joynt's well-seasoned instructors

Next, class moves into the fully stocked professional kitchen, where students help to craft a delicious dish they can easily replicate in their own kitchens, forever saving them from embarrassing Thanksgivings, disastrous dinners with in-laws, or foolhardy tamale-making face-offs. 

After the class is finished cooking, students and teachers settle in the dining room to enjoy their work and socialize with other newly minted chefs. Students also have the option of taking their handiwork home, where it can be conveniently shared with family, friends, pets, or high-school rival Betty Crocker. Check out the class schedule for a glance at the tasty topics available, which include courses that are soup-centric, comfort food-focused, fish-foremost, and dessert-dominant, among others.